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Vaimee Natural Cover acoustic panel

Vaimee Natural Cover acoustic panel

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Vaimee® Natural Cover™ series

When appearance is everything, without compromise on absorption

Natural Cover™ products are designed with a pure, natural and eye-catching appearance that come directly from nature. This product creates beautiful and natural surfaces with acoustic properties.

The product line provides completely new possibilities for eliminating echo – aesthetically. These products are so gorgeous and easy to install that they can be used even in spaces where acoustics is not a huge problem.

Versatile use

With Natural Cover™ acoustic boards, you can create

  • entire walls and ceilings
  • large board elements and eye-catchers
  • use smaller boards to create beautiful art

Wood-patterned acoustic boards

The style of wood-patterned acoustic boards is based on Hollolan Viilu’s and Laminaatti Oy’s best veneer patterns..


  • efficient sound-absorption
  • dimension 600 x 600 x 24 (mm)
  • weight 1,2 kg
  • made out of recycled water bottles
  • dyed-through material
  • can be cut and painted
  • shockproof
  • odourless M1 Indoor air classified material



List price 99€ / one-piece